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"Hug the hut" 擁抱我房by RAAW | Ricci Wong

The departure of the rocks roller

The original scattered parts were waiting for savages. Here comes the Art-chitect!

Today was really hot but the best weather for the start of the discovery journey for these old machinery parts from Anderson Quarry. They are going to be reused and formed into a new sculpture, a permanent art installation for the new Housing Authority project. On Tai Estate is the first of its kind to create a public participatory sculpture for its government housing. We have been the appointed the artists to create a beautiful home for the new life of these nice little heroic yet historic cones. They have in the past given us rocks and stones for our homes and now we are making them a new home!

Stay tune with us on our website for publications!

We are the real Artists,

the Makers,

the Art-chitects.

We Love, so we Make. We Make what we Love.

We are RAAWchitects!

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