Asia Art Archive Pavilion

May 2013, we were commissioned by Asian Art Archive to design a pavilion at the Hong Kong Art Basel. We were requested to make a flexible design to allow the artists and curators to meet for talks, art, play, and round table events. We started to play with foldable design plywood stools & tables, which can be flat-packed, stored, screwed up on the panel wall, or gathered to make them into art displays. Being the only (perhaps was first of its kind) digital design-fab studio in Hong Kong, we owned a 1.2m x 2.4m CNC machine, steel & wood workshop in the Fotanian. It was also the first trial making to design & fabricate our own subconsciousness, out into (big and speedy reality, three weeks design to build). ​The work was then dissembled and stored for other functions after the Art Basel event. 

Client: Asia Art Archive

Art-chitect: Ricci Wong

Graphic Design: Milkxhake

Team: Ricci Wong, Geoff Chan, Yuen Li, Keung & team 

Videophotographer: Queenie Chan

Asia Art Archive


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