"All colors are translated into sounds and smells. And they ring infinitely sweet like tones. The wind leafs through the trees, and I know what passes there for words"

<The blind woman> by Rainer Maria Rilke

PLAYOHO Art Pavilion comprises of 28 nos. of circular rings on columns with different materials and characters which moves in wind and cast shadows on ground. It creates a free public space for citizens to stop their hectic pace, stay, and hang around freely. Appreciating the skylight and wind. It encourages the public to slow down and rest on the lawn and have a moment of free play, or doing nothing practically but watching the wind move the rings.


Hong Kongers were famous for non-stop busy living, yet they couldn't live an enjoyable life. The work reflects and rethinks the idea of living, and the quality of living, by allowing people to hold their steps, lie down and feel their breaths reacting with the wind.

Art-chitect: Ricci Wong

Team: BM Tang, Susan Wong, Tyrus Lui, Tung Chui, Vincent Lau

Structure Engineer: Yasuhiro Kaneda

Lighting designer: Joy Wong

Size: 20m x 12m

Materials: Wind, Sunlight, Steel & Acrylic

Nature of Project: Public Art Pavilion

Client: Sun Hung Kai Properties

藍天白雲 七色光彩


建築藝術家Ricci Wong 將建築藝術注入 “悠玩”精神

--愛生活,更愛玩生活-- 設計出一個「悠酷涼亭」



真 . 悠玩酷空間

PLAYOHO! Pavilion 悠酷涼亭

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