<Charm of Happiness>

Ricci Wong x Kenny Wong

Like the sun that rises and sets daily, time passes in a similar way. Strings of dazzling crystal balls rise up and descend. The crystals evoke a picture of trickling serenity within the torrent of time. It ripples with time, leaving behind the trace of time.

The Art-chitect imagines a beautiful young woman wearing a string of crystal necklace on her wedding. The necklace sways gently in tune with her elegant steps. The necklace is now kept in a glass treasure box and though time has passed, the scent of those elegant steps was not forgotten. Likened to seeing the young woman walking down the spiraling stairway with her crystal necklace swaying gently, we see the crystal necklace that carries with it the charm of happiness. It is timeless and will not fade away in fashion.

This is a permanent interactive crystal chandelier for Park Yoho Venezia Clubhouse in Yuen Long Area.

This project is a kinetic moving piece of art. It is constructed out of 20 arrays of crystal beads. Using advanced computer generated design we were able to create organic movement and form to our living sculpture. While its elegant form is calming, it also invokes a sense of mystery. It encourages the surrounding community to relax, reflect and slow down in a fast paced environment.

The moving chandelier interacts with sound in its movement. In this way the sculpture is not solo and removed from the context surrounding it but involved and responsive, giving value to the people who occupy the space. 

Concept & Design: RAAWstudio

Material: Stainless Steel, Crystal Glass Necklace
Dimensions: 7M (Length) X 3M (Width) X 5M (Height)


Architectural Designer: Ricci Wong

Multimedia Engineer: Kenny Wong

Photo credits: Sun Hung Kai Properties & Ricci Wong

This project is the first permanent art project since Ricci Wong left his directorship in LAAB & established RAAWstudio



概念設計及承造: RAAW 里奇主建

物料: 不銹鋼 , 玻璃水晶項鍊

尺寸: 7M長 X 3M闊 X 5M高

建築藝術家: Ricci Wong黃卓健

多媒體工程師: Kenny Wong 黃智銓



本作品為新鴻基地基PARK YOHO VENEZIA 會所內之永久互動媒體水晶燈裝置,也是黃卓健離開LAAB 獨立成立RAAWstudio以後首個永久藝術裝置。

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