Client: Lee Garden

Agency: Chiczando Concept & Culture Limited

Location: Lee Garden I, 3/F

Size: 1000 sqft

Nature: Design & Build

Design: Ricci Wong 黃卓健

Completion date: Sep 2017

Team: Tyrus Lui, Terry Yuen

Flares and novelty wigs at the ready. Yum Sing Bar is transporting Hongkongers back to a simpler time.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of Lee Garden One, the now-closed Yum Sing Bar is being recreated as a pop-up installation on September 2017 at the Causeway Bay lobby mall. The original bar was a hotspot for more than three decades, so this trip down memory lane gives locals a chance to remember the beloved watering hole as well as giving younger generations a chance to experience some retro nightlife.

The designer gone all out to recreate the atmosphere of the original bar, from the drinks down to the English clubhouse décor.

Photo credits: Chiczando Concept & Culture Limited

Yum Sing Bar Exhibition

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