The Morrison Artist's Residence

by F22 Foto Space

Client: F22 Foto Space

Size: 400 sqft

Nature: Design & Build

Design: Ricci Wong 黃卓健

Team: Joanne Clark, Vincent Lau, Tung Chui, Terry Yuen, Tyrus Lui

Completion date: JAN 2018

Photography: Dick

Decoration: Boconcept

Special thanks to Joanne Chow, & Kyle Chan

This artist residency space is designed for the international photographers and guest artists for the F22 Fotospace. The Designer Ricci invented this new style of 'Neo-Cantonese' style in his own volcabulary.  

Similar to the idea of collecting Cantonese jewelry in a treasure box, we have filled this space with special and unique items which reflect the subtleties of the old Cantonese culture. The bespoke bathroom partition walls were constructed in our Fotanian Workshop and can be fully opened up much like the folding canton shop steel gates. The bathroom will then open up so that one could have a bath in the open apartment with a great view of Happy Valley. 

The bedroom is a semi open space containing an intentionally tilted wardrobe. It will double as a living room in the day when the mattress is tucked under the automatic bed lifter, this will transform the space into a larger area for guests to entertain. 

The kitchen serves as the centre piece of the living room where two tables of guests would enjoy the high dinner and socialize in a 300sqft dining room. 

The space/ usage is maximized with little tricks regarding small spacial planning, as you know, Ricci Wong was the authentic designer of extremely small transformable spaces without any sacrifice of taste. 

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