December 11, 2018

什麼是納米樓?即215呎也就是不足20平方米。數據顯示香港從2018到2020年,兩年內將出現3300多個納米樓房,這類住房越來越多。 問題也隨之出現。

怎樣讓居住環境更舒適? 還是帶著VR眼鏡在虛擬空間裡體驗大房感受,但是一伸手就碰到牆面?

早在三年前,紅遍網絡上的一個變形傢俱裝修案例 - 香港夫婦爆改28平方單位(見下圖)令MicroINT 創意總監Ricci開始專注設計變形傢俱這個領域。現在越來越多的納米樓盤出現,MicroINT團隊不斷研發變形傢俱,希望能為微形單位、共住空間和長租公寓的住宅或業主解決這種困擾。


December 6, 2018



<< Good Night Show 個個得把口>>

微則師MicroINT創意總監Ricci Wong與名導演張堅庭在12月7號晚上於ViuTV共你暢談香港「納米樓」議題。

December 18, 2017

Sometimes, let it go, 

follow the instinct,

follow the nose, 

do something you have never done,

off the wall and be yourself. 

November 9, 2017

Sometimes designer need to try multiple times​ to try reach a consensus from its design concept vs the comfort zone of his client. Not all the time would a designer succeed to breakthrough the comfort zone and convince his patron, but the effort and progress would stil...

October 11, 2017

I was told not to disclose my age by telling people I had never been to the original Yum Sing Bar. (laugh)

No. I have to rely on a few nostalgic photos and my instinct to imagine what was "stylish" & "fashionable" in that era -> plus the vintage yet 潮 in our sense....

September 16, 2017

Back in 2011 I was engaged with various artists to make artworks for the event Clockenflap. By Septemeber 2013 the organizer asked me if I could make two feature artworks for their Clockenflap event within just two weeks  before it began. I came up with an idea of a ro...

September 9, 2017

This is not a recruitment post. But we are not shy to tell you that we are proud of being RAAWchitects. When we see an objects potential to develop, we dare to make it. We want to find out how can we make it, even without the client asking , nor the contractor paying f...

August 19, 2017

The departure of the rocks roller

The original scattered parts were waiting for savages. Here comes the Art-chitect!

Today was really hot but the best weather for the start of the discovery journey for these old machinery parts from Anderson Quarry. They are going t...

August 18, 2017

She flows with your blood. She got your genes. You know it. But you have to let go. 

Thank you to C K Wong the Laab engineer & the rest of the Laab collegues who finished this project loyally after I left the directorship at Laab. I should rephrase, at least t...

August 17, 2017

I remembered the contractor asked me how much did I charge the client. I said HKD$100k. He laughed aloud and showed a pityful face to me. "How could you survive with this little budget?"

I was not...

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