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Ride the Roundabout and Look Around

Back in 2011 I was engaged with various artists to make artworks for the event Clockenflap. By Septemeber 2013 the organizer asked me if I could make two feature artworks for their Clockenflap event within just two weeks before it began. I came up with an idea of a roundabout & a seesaw-table. I was the only partner who had kids and I wished to make something for them, with kids in mind. It was the first art installation commission I received as solo artist while LAAB (my previous co-founded company) was, back then, just established.

Everything was done in my Fotanian workshop, my father was the key steel smith working on the water-sealed bronze tree which emitted mist when we rode the bike. Geoff Chan (my previous partner) and I worked almost around the clock to complete the project, and to maintain it in good shape for the next extravagant but exciting four day worldwide function.

A lot of adults had fun there and we had a good time. As an artist-architect, you have got to be creative. How can you design something to fill your family with fun and love? This is my answer.

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