Venice Biennale 

Hong Kong Pavilion

Curated by Juan Du & Chad Mckee

Client: HKIA

Chief Curator: Juan Du & Chad Mckee

Title: 衣食住行 (cloth, food, live, eat)

Designer: Juan Du & Chad Mckee

Design Consultant & Fabricator: RAAW / Ricci Wong

Material(Signage): Aluminum Scaffolding & Frisbees

Location: Venice, Italy

Size: 7 x 20 m 

It was a miracle to recall this commission of job when I met Juan again in 2009 after graduation from HKU Master of Architecture. Juan asked me his first question: "Can you think of an affordable solution to erect some large signage for the HK Pavilion at the Venice Biennale." Indeed I knew nothing about building signage. I went back home, and prayed for an idea. The next day I came to Juan with a solution, I proposed a simple wire thread to line up a series of frisbees hanging from an aluminum flange, locked down to a bottom flange. 

"Ricci, can you build it if I fly you and your team to Venice?" asked Juan. 

I smiled. "I think I can try." The great Italian journey just started with a simple inspiration - I called it a prayer-solution. 

We prepared & calculated all the materials, shipped them in a container, packed our tools & instant noodles, and arrived at the legendary Venice. 

The journey started with everyday being a sunny day. I flew my carpenter Keung, Chi & my primary school friend Yip Chun Hang, architect at that time. We worked together with Chad Mckee & Hugo Ma & climbed up to thrilling heights building the signage. (It was my first time to becomig a scaffolding builder!) We set up the scaffolding in a careful manner respecting the adjacent vine planter. The frisbees were turned in the breeze and pondered on the bars making music (ultimately the neighbors complained about the noise at night which made them sleepless) lol. 

Interestingly, opposite to our site, the Venetian builders were amazed with our speedy work. 

Well, I suppose it was just because we didn't take any (long) afternoon tea breaks.

This was truly a memorable summer! 

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