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Year: 2013 March

Client: TAL Commercial Building

Location: Austin Road, TST, HK

Concept Design: Ng Chun Lun Otto

Design Consultant & Fabricator: Ricci Wong @RAAW (Art lab)

Team: Geoff Chan, Sam, and many others (sorry guys, it was too long ago, I cant remember all of your names)


Story: It was way back in 2012, when I had already equipped my full sized CNC machine in Fotan. My junior classmate from HKU Otto Ng was working at CL3 full time but was engaged in doing a freelance design job. He seeked help from us because his main contractor couldn't produce the concept design due to a lack of provided details and that it was too difficult to build.

So we stepped in. From the beginning of a pure concept idea, hanging 1200 pieces of acrylic on a plank wall, the installation process carried through one night. We introduced a quick installation metal frame structure which framed the back of the 24 mm veneered plywood. The plywood was CNC milled with openings, this was where the blocks of the acrylic would insert into. Since there was only a 10 mm single side matte finished acrylic block, it was too thin and we decided to make the blocks out of 15mm sheeting ourselves, CNC milled, cut, sandblasted, and manually inserted with an inverted lock at the back of the panel, securing the block tightly on the wall, (bear in mind the block thickness had a variation of 1-1.5mm)

The final installation was carried successfully and it proved that the panels, ten pieces of 1x 2.2 m, were installed within a 1mm tolerance – with virtually no gap in-between.

Everyone was tired, but satisfied.

As the project was successfully completed, it inspired the designer to quit his routine job and to join forces in our studio, ultimately we co-founded Laab. 

We are the real makers, we are the RAAW Art-chitects.

*Disclaimer: This is not a Laab project. Laab was not established at this time.

All videos & photos are copyright of Ricci Wong

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