Screen was a precious commodity in 70s household item. Ricci made this screen unlike many others, with the taste of love, tendering like water, soft as wind. 

This artpiece is designed and digitally manufactured in Hong Kong by Ricci Wong and his design team and traditional carpenters at the Fotanian RAAWstudio.


Birch & white oak Plywood

Size: approx. 800mmL x 800mmW x 2000mmH

Art-chitect: Ricci Wong

Team: Hugo Ma, Tyrus Lui, Terry Yuen

#Made in Hong Kong


香港製造 里奇製造


作為香港建築藝術家 / 設計師, 他/ 她的設計必須能柔如風, 強如弓 , 像太極一樣柔而有勁, 像水一般流轉, 像空氣般流動,像那花樣年華裡的屏風。屏風是70年代香港的表徵,與今天的城市建設容合,在不同的地區展現,為城市帶來不一樣的刺激。


Screen of Love 花樣屏風

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