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Small Home Sweet Home

In only a very short time we decided to make our new home, thanks to Daydayup 天天向上 of Hunan T.V 湖南衛視(see link), which sped up our home project which took just two weeks to complete.

The installation of the furniture just took three speedy days to complete getting myself a short time to pack and leave the apartment. Now we are all used to the new lifestyle , with the knowledge I earned through a few years of creating a previous small transformable apartment, I could find the right and economical solution for my own family.

Living sweet, living smart, but not charging your client (myself) a million dollars.

By the way, also thanks to my previous practise which has made me hugely successful in designing the mircroapartment and has leaded Hunan T.V reaching me and invited me and my family to go on the China's no 2 ranked TV show.

天天向上 黃卓健

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